Gemini AP



Fits Standard 3.125” Cut-out
Airspeed Indicator
Bank Angle Display
Vertical Speed Display
Track DG
Slip / Skid Indicator
Standard Rate Turn Indicator
Low Airspeed WarningBuilt-in Ground Track DG
Track Select Mode
GPS Nav Mode
GPS Steering Mode
Altitude Hold
VS Select Mode
Altitude Pre-select
Altitude Select
Vertical GPS Steering Mode
Control Wheel Steering
Pitch Trim Annunciation
Automatic Pitch Trim
Emergency AP Level Mode
Interfaces with  Garmin G3X and G3X Touch, AFS 5000 Series, GRT HX/HXr
12-28 Volts
3.4″W x 3.4″H x 1″D
Weighs 8 oz


Purchase includes two standard servos, in-stock mounting kits, controller, connector kit, automatic pitch trim module

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